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Topical therapies

The primary goal is to restore the function of the skin & improve the patient s appearance. The choice of therapy depends upon the number of patches, the size of patch & on patient s preference for the treatment.

NBUVB therapy

NBUVB now considered the gold standard of treatment for vitiligo covering more than 20% of the body. Narrowband UVB (NB) uses the portion of the UVB spectrum from 311-312 nm.

Excimer Light

A new technique called targeted phototherapy which seeks to overcome the disadvantages with full body phototherapy has now become available .

Melanocyte Transplant

A small piece of healthy skin of the patient from the thigh or few hairs from the scalp are taken out , the pigment cells from this piece and hairs are extracted & spread on the patch of vitiligo to be treated.

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vitiligo Treatment Service

Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition that causes areas of the skin to become depigmented (or lose pigment).

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